I am Me

Tue, 09/29/2015 - 10:25 -- hwall28

The quiet girl no one really sees,

Instead they all look though her unless she has what they need,

She gets up every morning wanting to make a change,

Hopefully for the better this world can’t stay the same.

If she makes a difference then she is done for the day.


Family comes first to her to this there is no doubt,

Because family is forever, while friends may come and go,

She learned this the hard way as the years went by,

But now she has her true friends,

This is what they say.


High school has been tough, classes, friends, and work,

Always pushing through it her time is almost done,

Ask her about her experiences she will tell you of her life,

No childhood could have been better, it wasn’t filled with too much strife.


Here in this short poem,

the girl in here is me,

To some it is not much but it means a lot...

to me.

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