I am just Me

I am not unique, but different I would say

I am not too loud, because sometimes I feel like I am the kid at the back of room...

I am Confident when I do look in the mirror, that's just because of my looks.

I am not very virtuous when it comes to patiences… and I hate to admit it.

A heart most would say of love, & gold

But if you piss me off, be prepared for war

Because at the snap of a finger I'll go from Alice in Wonderland to, Cuella de Vil

Not too tall in height, neither in size

Although I sometimes do wish I was TALL & w i d e

Too caring of others. Others that don't deserve it.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much, but it's in my nature.

Not sure if that’s because my morals are entwined

Or because I grew up in a Mexican household

Teeth white and pearly.

Hair dark and curly

Fingernails polished and clean.

Attire always on Fleek!

Not too difficult to catch my eye

Although you should ALWAYS keep me entertained.

Or lose my focus. NO doubt!

I might be 5'2 but my dreams are sky-high!

I have high hopes that one day I will live

The vision, the dream I've always dreamed.

Too much motivation to say "Screw it"

OHH-NO! There is no way in hell.

I work LONG nights, and wake to see Early days.

7 hour days to get a better education. One better than my two backbones.

Then right after, I work. I work.

 8 hour shifts, asking if you want mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup or all three on your burger.

College is my only way out...

I have too much determination and pride.

To say I'll be flipping patties for the rest of my life

Now let me tell you what I want to do..

I want to help.

I want to help the people that don't know right from wrong.

I want to help the people in our society that are ill.

I want to know and try to understand why...

Why shooting up a school with kids is ok

Why killing their own blood is ok

Maybe it's something that happened to them

Maybe it's something they learned.

I want to know why.

I want to know why.

I want to help them...

In EVERY SINGLE way possible I can.

8 years of school and 4 more of errors, if that’s what it takes.

Because I care that much.

Because that's how bad I want to make it out.

My patience might be thin, but I hope theirs is just a-ok.

There is one thing I want more than any other.

And that is to be someone.

Someone important in life.

Someone to look up too.

Someone to trust.

Not only for myself, my pride, or my motivation,

but for you, and everyone that ever doubted me.

And of course for the Big Man upstairs.

Sometimes I do cry

Sometimes I do wonder


I couldn’t have been given that silver spoon

It’s a privilege. Honestly.

Even though I didn't get it

It has taught me something great

And that is that you have to work hard.

To be able to have and want

All your own riches..

Because hard work, will eventually pay off.

But don't forget one little thing...

To stay humble. Even when it’s all said & done.

Don't forget to take care of those who took care of you

You'll owe it to them...

Everything you will and are.

Because they were the ones,

that believed in you...

And even when the world seems like it's falling into

tiny, tiny, tiny, bits of pieces.

You'll find that strength.

You never knew, you had in you!

That one hidden strength,

to forgo everything life throws at you!

And finally at one point in life,

you will wonder what...

What your purpose in life is…

To be me...

To be you...

Not for anyone else.

Not anyone else.

But to accept and respect,

just who you really are.

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