Who Am I?

Who am I? A question that is constantly posed. And wouldn’t society like to know.

But I know how they define people, and I refuse to let them define me as so.

Nice clothes with a pretty smile, a successful woman I would be made out to be.

But with simple brands and a zit on my face, the future would hold nothing for me.

Who am I, you may ask. Well, let me tell you, I am an enigma.


Raised in a family with good morals and love like any other,

I was blessed to be the oldest with two younger sisters and my beloved baby brother.

I was always taught to lead by example and the right path would be shown to me.

But like anyone else, mistakes were made, and I was not presented with that golden key.

Instead, I went down the wrong path for some time, changing the course of my life.


It was a rough path, if I’m telling the truth, I lost my head on the way.

Then came the time, when the devil had had his fun, and it was time for me to pay.

I was no longer the young, innocent girl, who always made the right choices.

I was now the girl who cared too much about listening to the other voices.

The girl who I never imagined I would be.


But as time has moved on, so have I, making a plan for the future.

The past is the past, it’s just a wound, and my bright plans are acting as my suture.

I am a girl who has learned that life surely is not easy.

In fact it’s so hard it would make any sane person queasy.

But that is not enough to stop me from making it what I want it to be.


I am on the course to making my life one that others will look up to.

One that others will come to for advice, when seeking out what they should do.

I am on the course to becoming a woman who is selfless in every way,

One who knows how to work hard, but still makes time to play.

I am on the course to becoming someone I always pictured myself to be,

And this time, I refuse to let anyone stop me.


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My family
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