I am who I am

Oh to be me with the blond hair

The blue or green eyes who knows they change

To be me with the scars 

Some seen some not

I have lived through the battles

Foster care is one battle field

I have fought battles against myself 

I fought battles against others

I am not a Victim of my past

I am a survivor

I have survived being homless

I survived my family

I am strong 

My will is not myown

It is the will of my lord and savior Jesus

I am a strong Christian woman

I am Irish

I am proud 


And I m feisty

I am a human 

I have been tested in many ways

My depths are still to be found

I am nearly 20 

Who I am now is not who I will be when this life is done

I know I am a product of my past 

As I will be a product of who I am now in the future

Molded by my choices 

I choose my path 

I am determined

I came from nothing with a dream to become something

Up from the ashes will come new growth

I am that new growth

I am not yet full grown 

But I am fully me as I can be for now.

But as for now I can only say I am who I am.

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i do like, inspriring tooo!!! Thank you!

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