I am

I am the red handprint sprung across the child's face.The used up arm of the mother too high to realize where her children are.The smell of alcohol tainting her breath screaming the same words on repeat "Get the hell out "  I am the vision of hope and prosperity That morally pulls you through times of disaster.And sometimes There in the distance When there is no answerI am the truth you do not want to hear I am everything you don't want me to beExactly when you don't want it. I am the cuts on your bodymarring it for a lifetime,That paints the scene for middle school broken hearts.Numbering the days you completely fell apart.I am the drunk kid asking daddy for a ride homeOr running away, having enough of thisFlying off the handlesAnd Landing in shambles I am not the output of bad parentingInfact, the oppositeI am the product of being taken advantage of,Bending, breaking and being put back together in the wrong way.But whatever! I am the realization that world peace can become reality.Change is not impossible You and I are a part of equality! The solar system has its plans,Mother Nature hates us.We're damned! I often either say too muchOr too littleI must speak up,I must be heard and also listen,I am the voice of the speechless,The cries,Of the scared,The laughter,Of the joyed.I am my own voice. People call me Max

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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