You Know Better

You know better than to play in church.

Don't run with scissors, you'll get hurt.

Only light that match when I'm in the room with you.

Answer me when I talk to you, damn it!


Never sit with your legs open it's unladylike.

Yours is the pink one.

Those shorts are too short, who cares if it's hot, cover up!

That dress is too long, don't hide your body it's your best feature.


My best feature? But you said-

You know better than to speak to an adult like that!

*nods in agreement*

I know better.


You question your faith because you don't believe hard enough. Pray.

Always clean up after him.

Let him open your door for you.

Never think of a girl as more than a friend.

And on that note, a nice girl like you shouldn't talk about, shouldn't think about sex.

You know better!


*in a whisper*

I don't like the word you use to describe yourself.

How is a man supposed to like a woman who says she's a feminist?


Your hair is a mess when you don't straighten it, pin it up.

Don't ask for a raise, that's too demanding.

God forbid you mark your body with something that means something to you.


You know better!


/I/ know better.

I /know/ better.

I know /better/.


I know better things than the ones you preach.


That my existence does not mean being quiet and pleasing.

My silence and words alike are powerful things.

My life is my own,

my faith is personal,

and damn it I will wear what I please and

speak for equality because

I know better.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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