I Am Sam, Sam I AM


United States
37° 47' 37.2516" N, 122° 8' 46.3884" W

The surrounding environment can be very influential

I live every day to it's full potential

I believe living outside my comfort zone is essential

I consider myself to be somewhat inimitable


I describe myself as being sarcastic and courageous

I seek adventures that are completely spontaneous

I hope people find me to be funny but courteous

I'm an athlete and a crossfit enthusiast


Growing up without a father was no hardship

In my eyes he was irrelevant

The greatest lesson my mom taught me was how to be independent

She provided me all the support that kept me confident


My dreams and goals are achieved by my ambition

Becomina a RN will be my ultimate mission

My standards are high because settling for less is out of the question

Traveling the world and being happy is how I'm supposed to be livin'

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