I Am... Chameleon

Born and raised as a brain

Until the bullies brought the pain

Through this the Social chameleon was born

To prevent his constant forlorn

Or worse, the others scorn


To make it out alive

We put on the hollow mask and sigh

Our true selves hide inside

Looking through your own shallow eyes


We do this merely to survive the day

Play along, agree with what they say

What else do we know? This must be the only way


Hide and quiver true self, acceptance is a vision long gone

Until you escape this place at the final song


Brains and morality thrown out the door

To morph into this creature, of sin, athletics, and no more

Comply to societies cry, or be wholly eaten alive


What girl wants a nerd? What guy wants a freak? 

This is the issue, that presents the few and the meek

So fear not fellow outcasts and introverts

I have lived both sides of the coin

And hear me out, be yourself, and life you shall enjoy


Stay strong, keep on

I am here, you are not alone

Through this pain, we all have known

Stick by your side, take off that mask

There are others who have completed this task

So shed your skin social chameleons, and fly free

Do this, and in life you will find, forever glee.



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Our world
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