I am the one with a kind heart but mean exterior
The one who doesn’t ask for help
The one who feels she needs to live and learn

     I AM the one who waited by the window
Waited for her dad to show up and in return only
  Received a phone call

I AM afraid my environment will be my downfall
Therefore i am determined to keep myself up

     I AM the girl who stares at her reflection
The baby girl who was once mislead
The girl who had to learn to love herself before
Loving anyone else

I AM determined to be the woman
Whose smile is as bright as the light of the sun,
Light of the moon , and stars

                      I reach for greatness because that is what
My brother taught me
I WILL be successful no matter what , because the greatest goal
Is happiness

                                    I WAS chosen to be something in life
I AM destined to acquire the education level of some of
The greatest leaders in the world

      I AM MIA
Who i am is reflected in the detail and shading
In my drawings
                            What i went on to do was determined by how much time
                         i dedicated to practicing the piano
The nervousness from my first performance
Revealed the permanent anxiety within me

                                      I AM poetry
given the way i express my feelings with my distinctive style and rhythm

                         I AM someone special
Someone who even when surrounded by negativity
 Can remain to shield from it

                                Who i am today is angry yet humble
Appreciative of everything i have
But still not satisfied until i reach the top

                                 People made me this way
People make me strive to be the best i can be
they want to see you do good BUT never better than them

                        I AM someone who is determined to go to college
I am someone who let others define who she is today
 The fact of the matter is
              Who i am today may be different from who i am tomorrow


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