The Walk of Life

The road begins when you enter this world,
your life moves fast and before you know it,
just the beginning of a long and windy road,
you see yourself in preschool,
where life is simple and fun.
As the road goes on,
you’re suddenly in the elementary,
and no one knows where it goes.
and you’re thrown into a whole new lifestyle called Middle School,
And then the road takes a sharp turn,
the road gets harder and harder to navigate,
and after you’re out,
it gets even tougher, High School,
as you approach your fourth year,
you realize how hard it is to take the right path of the confusing road.
So the road goes on and on,
here is where you will make your living, your Career,
and suddenly you’re in a new state and a new town,
and you don’t know anyone around you, College,
you must stick to one path and pursue that path,
not always knowing where it will lead.
After you see the outcome of that path,
you’re stuck on it for years to come,
and you find someone to take that path with you,
with little ones straggling behind you,
just beginning their own road.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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