Life as a Doll

The blond silky hair, the fair skin,

miniskirts and caked-face makeup—

Go play with it they say—

a Barbie doll.


From the day my eyes opened,

Standards were set.

Expectations had to be met.

Just like a doll, I obeyed.


Clean this, cook that they say.

Do fashion, do nursing, be a housewife—

Don't do engineering, get away from technology.

Girls don't suit it. Let the men handle it.


Don't be such a girl.



Magazines, television, the media.

Portraying woman as they please.

Another one with a gaunt body, that's beautiful they say.

I turn the page.


Just play the role you're given.

Dressing this doll, whatever they like,

Whatever THEY THINK is right.


No. I refuse.

5840 days have passed.

Not anymore.

Time can't be wasted.



Today is the day I rebel!

My heart thumps as I stand—

Silence passes—

My lips start to move.


My feelings, dreams, and desires rush!

A tsunami that can't be stopped!

Technology, engineering, science, math,

all the things that I want to do!


Earthquake tremors erupting—a vision overflowing.


The muck has washed away.

What I kept within so hidden—

Waves crashing, breaking free.

I stand up and rush to pursue my dreams.

The doll - is dead - a woman is born.








This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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