I Am

I am a child of the state

All my life I had to wait

Eight months and fifteen days

of tranquility

BAM and everything ends strategically

push. push. push


cut. flip. cut plop.

That’s how I entered the world.

i was supposed to see the light,

Ended up in the Cay v. Vargas fight

You know, I wasn’t meant for anyone

clearly, not intended to have any fun


No start to save the day

No end, I am a castaway


I am a suitcase, sniff me

I am beer and a blunt

I am the good little child

Perfect little gift,

I complained no more than I spoke and

I was a silent little runt

Can you see my parents’ stunt


“Mama mama look at her bruises”

“baby girl that’s what she chooses”

“no Mama stop, Please she needs me!

Can’t you hear it in her plea!”

“DAUGHTER listen to me” said he

"Parents protect children, quiet being the buzzing bee".

tear tear tear

drop drop drop

“shh shh shh”

cry cry cry


I am no longer a beer and a blunt,

I was drowned in the holy water

I can see the suitcase, but no it was the mirage of GOD’s face

Every saturday I sin.

but god forgave me. Yay I win.


Remember the tranquility,

In the dark, tainted world,

Well baby girl that was a wind whirl

Now you go beyond your sight,

and show them all your might

Shh baby girl dry your eyes,

No longer shall it be you that cries.


Ever since day one,

I knew where my journey had begun

Most kids think of joy and laughter

I was trying not to shatter

I had to fight

it was more than a bite


I am a child of the state

but that won’t stop me at the gate

The gate has a lock

and nothing has stopped, not even the clock.




Just watch.


This poem is about: 
My family


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