God's Beautiful Creation

Hi my name is Mikaela Woodard

Mikaela means gift from God

Felice means fortunate or happy

But I am more than just a meaning of words

Forget all the things you’ve heard

Because I am fearfully and wonderfully made

It’s the curve of my hips

The grace of my steps

The smile of my lips

The little things that makes me…. Me

Unlike anyone else

Even as a baby

Growing up I would sing “I’m a pretty little princess

I started singing before I could talk

That’s when I realized I’m a singer

(Sing superwoman)

I’m a fighter

Through adversity and life’s events

I fight my way through whatever life presents

My struggles, my triumphs, my experiences, my journey

Made me who I am today a phenomenal woman

But there is more to me than meets the eye

I am more than the tears I cry

I am beauty both inside and out

I am God’s beautiful creation


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