Three Different Sides

There are 3 sides of her

Which do you see?

Do you only see 1?

Or do you see all 3?


Do you see the first

That’s full of bright colors

The one that has candy

And holds dozens of flowers.


She’s the one that’s pretty

The one who holds the key

She’s as comfortable as a sailor

Sailing deep into the sea.


shes on top of a hill

She will never ever fail

She thinks shes unstoppable

Even after walking through hell.


The middle side is different

She’s not that free

She’s as trapped just like honey

In the hive of a bee


You see she sees herself

Unlike any other

She sees herself deserving nothing

But being 6 feet down under


Her mind is scary

Its not safe there

Her mind is her enemy

Where she dies every where


The final sides unique

She tries to hide it all

She tries to be strong

Tries not to fall


She fights like a solider

Going off to war

She knows what her goal is

So she keeps moving forward


She knows shes stoppable

That she will eventually fall

Yet she tries so hard

To think nothing at all


Stronger than the others

She holds them all

She tries to catch them

Whenever they fall


There are 3 sides of her

As you can see

Only 1 team is winning

While the rest are trembling.


It all depends on the person

Which side you may see

Odds are you’ll see the first

Only 1 has see all 3.


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