Davis #1277789

Davis #1277789


I am the evidence of my mother and father’s procreation

On st valentine's day.

I am the remains of this pleasure,

Hell, I am a 6,951 night stand.

Here, I am

And the result is ( ? )

a concealed weapon carrier.

I am the carrier of a grand loaded,

Barely used,

Practically lethal


   the safety off. \

And the result is ( ? )

a laughing misanthrope.

I am

ha            ha

I am

ha      ha

I am


I am the remains of bones aged in Ole ‘97

whose origin story begins approximately 11 days prior to that of October 31.

[a trick or a treat?

you tell me]

the architect of 160,164,942 breaths,

in and

out and

gone and-

I am a wife to be

le neuf de juin

how magnificent

so ethereal


And the result is ( ? )

an agnostic core of  heated C [arbon] with a paramour of words, words, words.

I am the packaged product of youth

copyrighted in commercial America

Sell me,

Buy me,

Eat me,

Try me.

And off to a college I go.

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