I Am

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 12:52 -- imaniws

I am 16 years strong and out to conquer the world. I am the child of dreams and high expectations, the sister of excellence and the grandchild of elegance. I am the descendent of struggle but the successor of oppression. I refuse to fail. I am not without imperfection, without fear, or without doubt, but I am everything despite them. I am homework at 12 am and breakfast at 12 pm. I am countless numbers of studying to be more than a black statistic. I am molded by mistakes and held up by successes. I am life is too short for regrets. I am from holidays at two different houses; from seven different kids. I am reminded of a troubled past and hope for a better future. I am taking control of my own fate, the beholder of my own happiness. I may be from playing house, dressing up, and climbing trees, but I am gradually moving on to great things. I will make a difference in my world because I am powerful.

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