It All Started With Crayons

Art, Artistic, Artist, Artful, Artiste

My true Passion

Three years old with crayons

Brand new box, all sharp, smell of wax

Batman coloring book

Monochromatic - all white with black lines

Just waiting for me to color it.

Elementary school art class

Mrs. George teaching the color wheel

Blue and yellow make green

Not just crayons, markers and paint too

New mediums - clay, paper and even canvas

Bring my creations home to mom

Smiles and hugs, Oooos and Ahhhs

Hang it on the fridge for everyone to see.


High school drawing- serious stuff

Drawing, sketching, blending, shading

Mr. Crawford opening eyes, encouraging ideas

New pencils – 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B, HB

Charcoal, graphite, ink, but pastels?

Learning new: Pop Art, Surrealism, freehand…

Moving on to Drawing II

Finding my niche – Drawing, Drawing, Drawing,

Light – dark

Black, grey, white

Blending, shading

Portrait, still life

Learning Line, shape and balance.


Lines – Wow – Not just a line

Vertical, horizontal, diagonal or straight

Curved, bent or angular

Thick or thin, wide or narrow

Blurred or fuzzy

Interrupted – Dot, dash, broken

Controlled versus freehand

Parallel, hatching, meandering, spiraling

Lines, lines, lines


Looking forward to university

Big, adventurous, trepidation

Anticipation building

Sketching models, learning forms

Learning axis, perspective, texture

Half tone, Quarter tone, Light tone.



What will you use this for?

Skills, skills, job.

Drawing comic books, animation, still life and movement

Make money doing what tantalizes

The world is my imagination

Super heroes, villains, and back stories

Back it up with skill.

Believable characters - form, background, backlight, shadow

Enticing Settings - Foreground, aerial or worm’s eye view, perspective

My masterpieces – See the world through my eyes

Art, Artistic, Artist, Artful, Artiste.

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