The Things I Carried

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 21:01 -- Doller

Can you see them?

Are they out in the open?

Can you tell that they are even there?

Are they hidden that well?


The things I carry are complicated.

The memories of the past,

The actions of the present,

The possibilities of the future,

All of it makes me unsure.


I see light the above,

But I’m pinned below.


They nag at me,

But I do not replay.

They tell me things,

But I do not repeat them.


The insecurity of not understanding,

Not understanding the people around me.

They keep me blind from the world around me,

They keep me away.

I am scared of every action I make,

All because of them.


The things I carry,

That I do not understand.


Would you like to see,

The things I carry?

Would you like to hear,

All about them?


They keep me under,

My lack of confidence.

They keep me away,

My fear of judgement.

They haunt me,

My regret.


I fear the things I carry

Because I understand them. 

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This is a poem I completed for the Poetry Slam Scholarship on this site.  It is inspired by the Vietnam war novel, "The Things they Carried" (by Tim O'Brain).  The book is about the things that soldiers have to live with in and out of the war.  The author talks about how all the men ame home with regrets and plenty more emotional scars than physical ones.

He, a Vietnam veteran, tells of his personal expirance of trying to find reason and clarity in his post-war life.  He talks about the emotions and sorrow he carried with him in his life.  I tried to mirrior this in which I talked about my low self-esteem and general insecurities.     

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