I Am

I Am

i Am girl

A friend

A person that helps others

but needs help the most of all

feeling like she helps everyone else

but no one can help her

I Am a girl that loves  

A girl who rather love everyone and everything 

but cant be in love to save her life

I Am a girl who cant commit 

Can be friends with a person for a lifetime 

But a relationship

thats for the birds

I Am a girl who has trust issues 

i want to trust 

but people just proof to me that they cant be trusted 

By the way all mask the appear to have

I Am a plus size girl

people tell me im beautiful all the time

But do i believe it

I do

not feeling as genuine as someothers

I am who i am

Who i am is


Hopeless Romantic

 A person who insecure and not always certain about things 

I am human 

who makes mistakes 

but can own up to it when she is wrong 

I am a person of mystery 

Never know when i coming 

but will always be there

No matter what 

I Am ME 


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