I am the Unspoken....

I am the voice of the unspoken.
Filled with pain and hope, looking for justice.
I am a piece of many broken.
Bleeding angry, We run out of substance.
I am the tears of hope that is spilled.
The ones left behind in the silent pain
I am the empty prayers unfulfilled.
In our fragile silence, we cry in vain.
I am the change that will end our grief
loyal and tenacious, I held their hands.
I am the Hope that will bring relief,
a welcomed intensity that expands
I am the fervent light, that ignites.
kindling our dreams, a source of brilliant lights
This poem is about: 
Our world
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Hi there fjaldhefery,

I love this poem and it has the perfect message for something I am working on. I am interested in using it for a video campaign but would like your permission first.

Please get in touch to discuss this possibility!


Thank you,


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