Who Am I?

Who am I?


I do not know very often who I am.

Somedays, I am sure.

Most other days, I am cast in doubts.


Who am I?


I’m the daughter of divorced parents.

I’m a sister to 23-year-old and to a 9-year-old.


But do circumstances define you?


Who am I?


I’m an actor,


      and writer.


But do hobbies really define you?


Who am I?


I know that I love to laugh,


   and write.


I know that I love my friends;

that I love my family.

But most of all, I love God.


Even when I don’t know myself,

he does.


Even when I can’t seem to love myself,

he does.


Yes, I do not always know myself,

but beyond a shadow of a doubt,

I know that God knows everything about me.


He knows all my goods and bads;

all quirks and habits.

He knows.


I can rest knowing that my identity,

it comes from God,

that he knows me better than I ever can.


I can rest knowing that even if I can’t “fit in” being me,

God will always be there, welcoming me;

loving me.


And that,

it is all that matters.

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