My struggle made me

They never heard what i was trying to say
Never noticed that i wasn't okay
With what happened in my life
Because those experiences cut me like a knife
It wasn't my fault but I didn't believe it
I started dealing with self-hatred
It seemed like nothing in my life was going right
I struggled with depression every night
I felt like i was drowning
Haunted by my memories and my thoughts

So given these circumstances I've changed a lot
From what i originally thought
I'd grow up to be
My dreams used to have no limit
Any goal i thought i could reach it
But I've been broken down and discouraged
Losing my courage
To stand up for what i believe
The future and my life should be

But I'm determined and self-motivated
I got to ignore all the hatred
Because what you say ain't related
To the future that I'm makin
And the risks that I'm takin
Because i got help myself and I'm trying to get better
In not letting it affect me
Not letting it define me
Because it seems like i was forged from negativity
So being positive is hard
It takes a lot of work
And a whole lot of effort
But these experiences and struggles
Made me who i am today
And made me sought out for this world to change
They gave me a different point of view
Of this society that's affected by a flu
Of judgement and disapproval and every one obsessed with labels
But I've got a lot more to bring to the table
I'm not just a victim and I'm not just gay
But even so It seems the most commonly asked question i receive
is who do I love and what do I believe
Well it's hard to believe in anything in this world
Fueled by violence and motivated by hate
Our flaws and mistakes
We just can't escape
We're mocked and made fun of for things we can't control and what makes us who we are
instead of celebrating our differences they just tear us apart
Leaving un healable scars
On our skin and in our hearts
It's irreversible mental damage
Leaving us to micromanage
Ourselves and everything we do
Until all that's left is fear
And our personality and uniqueness just disappears

And this has made me want the world to change
Because I just can't deal with things staying the same
I got compassion and drive
For what i have a passion for and oh I feel like I thrive
In what i want to be and what i want to do with my life
All I've ever wanted to do is make a difference in this world
And I'm dreaming big again
Ain't nobody can stop me
Because i am who i am and i stand up for what i believe in

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Our world
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