Who Am I?

I am Emily.

people say

be the only me

I am only going to

be one in seven billion

I will never

stand out in this world

Twenty years from now I'll tell my kids

school is more important than your mental health

Educators tell me your

unique and creative

but I am

needing to find myself

It's clear that I am

losing myself in a daydream

I am apart of the lazy generation

And I refuse to say that

I will take a bullet for my parents

I am selfish for

it may seem that

I don't care about anyone

And I hate people who say

love everyone

I was put on this earth to


For all others


While I

sitting in class complaining about school

others are

making a difference while

I am

I am

and I will never say that

I have people who care for me

Jesus doesn't love me

I say

Never will

even if I am dead

be my best self

For only I can


I am Emily.

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