Tue, 10/27/2015 - 09:20 -- ChildsM

Life is confusing

Fighting society and losing

Because sometimes you fight an uphill battle

But it’s not about the win or loss, rather about getting back up in the saddle.

The grace is found in a strong mind

One that finds peace when things are not aligned.

I’m the person who tries again when the cause seems lost

The one who would help another, at any cost.

A person filled with passion like fire

Who will accomplish the things she aspires.


I’m someone who does not give up hope

I believe old things can be cleaned up with a little soap.

I value the days when things were made to last

I look to the future, without ever forgetting the past.

I follow my heart and reason with my brain

God is responsible for my every gain.

Now God in giving me the clue

I’m ready to start the next stage at CMU.

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Our world


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