Fri, 10/09/2015 - 01:39 -- jetam62

My name is anonymous
I was born in California
If you really knew me then you’ll know my deep dark past
I was raised by darkness, shadows, cries, and screams
My only wish was that it’ll be a dream
I’ve tasted fear and sorrow inside my heart
I remember seeing the morning dew
Drip drip drop
From the tears coming out of my eyes
My mother always cried “Why can’t you be something you’re not and not be yourself?”
I often heard “I give up”
It really hurt me, far deep beside my soul
I remember seeing the bright moon in the night sky
I often heard dogs howling
Sometimes I wished someone would hear me when I called
I was lost in the great sea of despair
When I remembered watching a plant thirsty from the sun, waiting to die
The only chance of survival was simply a glass of water
However, it withered away
Because I received the cup
The cup of life
So, I am now alive with happiness and love
I lived through all the pain and suffering covered by my own imagination
I’ve faced many challenges and torture
I used to be a seed, poor and defenseless
But now I’m alive, I’ve blossomed into a beautiful tree
The tree that Adam and Eve saw before
Voices of encouragement
Sounds of laughter
I remember a tree, its leaves were being blown by the wind
One orange leaf fell out while the rest stayed
I have faced rejection
I have cried in solitude while everyone had fun
But when I looked up
It was a hand, it was a sign of hope because of my closest friend
I reached for that hand and I held it tight
It was a sign of hope
Through all the pain and suffering
I learned that I had a weakness
However, because of that weakness I’ve gained something
I’ve gained happiness, kindness, and I’ve gotten stronger
Because I fought back
And pushed away all the evil in front of me
I am living
Like a tree, it has Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer
Throughout all the rain, cold, and wind
It shines when it’s summer
The bright green leafs thrive during the summer
Even though we can be corrupted by darkness
I know that there is happiness inside all of our hearts
I’ve learned so much when I was a kid
Now I’m happy because through all that pain and sorrow
There is hope and joy to make you smile each day
I’ve learned that I am never alone
Because I have people who care about me
It was all thanks to my closest friend and someone better than all of us
Above the sky somewhere
I am alive
So this is me

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