Who am I? I AM an African American Male in the 21st Century

I am not a walking target 

I am strong and I have power

I am growing and learning blossuming like a flower

I am what society despises of me

I am educated and powerful, Is it hard to see?

I may look different with more pigment in my skin

But everyone should realize that we are the same within

Are we living in the dream of Martin Luther King

Is this what he meant by letting freedom ring

From Trayvon Martin, to Sandra Bland

Will we remain to let innocent black bodies lay cold in the sand

I embrace my blackness

With blackness comes power

With power comes success

And with success comes a dinisty

I AM who I AM becuase of who I was

I am not on the streets and I am not a thug

I did not fall into the trap of society

I define myself as Authenitc

I am true to myself

I am a Leader and not a follower

I am the Head and not the Tail

I am in charge of my destiny and determine when to set sail

I am an African-American teen in America























This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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