I Am Me

As I grow

I realize that who I once was is gone

She is lost in the wind, destined to be found yet again,

But not by me.

No, for I am not that girl any longer.

I look at my past self and wonder

“What if I was still that girl?

What then?

Would I have more friends?

Would I be social?

Would I go to parties and out with friends?”

But I know the answer.


I would.

However, that girl is no longer me, and I am no longer that girl.

For time has changed me, turning me into me.

I am happy to be the “me” I turned out to be.

Yet inside

I sometimes wish that I could be the old me again.

Outgoing and social.

Not shy and alone.

But this is me.

And that is just fine by me. 

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