Locked in her tower,

In her big white room full of big white walls,


Dressed in beautiful baby blue lace,

Covered in cinder from her broken mind and tattered life,


Dreaming of a day when someone will come to save her,

Dreaming of her day of freedom and opportunity.


Locked in her own mind of tormented sorrow,

So many things continually try to deteriate her mind at odd intervals,

She has worries that not a girl of her age should have,

But that's ok with her.

Despite popular belief this girl is happy with herself and life.

Others look at her and think she's crazy, for they think they know things about her that they shouldn't.

But gossip is an infestation in a small town,

Maybe that's why she wants to escape so badly.


She loves her family unconditionally,

She would do anything in the world for them.

She would run to the end of the Earth and back and become her worst nightmares to protect them.

She forgives and forgets and moves on.

So why can't everyone else?

Why can't they just let her be her?

She's her own person.


Striving for that one day

When she can be free.

Free of gossip,

Twisted lies and words,

She just wants to be understood.

People change,

Even Cinderella's change,

For this one has undeniably.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



This is poem I wrote more of explaining that people change and who they once were may not necessarily mean that they are the same person today.

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