I am just another "typical Haitian"

I Am.... Haitian

I have once been described as

"not a typical haitian"

then again what is " a typical haitian"?

I  Am Ambitious

So are most other Haitians I Know

I Am Brave

which I learned from my "Haitian" uncle

I Am Curious

so is my "Haitian" mother 

Does that make her a " not typical Haitian" too?

I Am Resilient

So is my "Haitian" best friend's "haitian" cousin

who suffered fom cancer

Is she " not a typical Haitian" too?

Or is it that my whole entourage is just not "typical Haitian" entourage?

Or Am I just Me, One of many many haitians

Who just tries her hardest to be a good person.

Matter of fact,

I learn to be the person I am today

From my born and raised Haitian father

Who, just like me, is just another "typical Haitian 


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