I Am Redemption....

I am Redemption,

for I was saved by the concept of a redeeming grace,

days that rolled on by and seemed to drain the strength I would pray for,

it seems that only yesterday I was sleeping restlessly in a blanket of my own selfish desires,

Manipulation was my choice of armery,

when you've spent birthdays and holidays homeless you turn to find the joyful holiday bitter and unbecoming,

masking the expressions of a young woman turned out easy than thought to be,

getting what i wanted was like snapping my figures or blowing of an eyelash.

Hate, is a strong word that i would place carelessly in the bosom of those around me,

as if i were the crazy man spouting religious nonsense about the young minds,

I was cast out of the heavens and thrown to earth left to fend for myself like a wounded warrior of the century,

Love, never seemed to be an option in my family,

even when my mother would visit on a holiday with a blackened eye,

even when a father throughs his flesh and blood to the vultures to fight over,

Time, was a life vest that kept me afloat for years to send me on a journey to the new me,

Redemption, sweet redemption cradled me in a simple bliss brought on by religion and education,

I am Redemption.     

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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