Countercurse of the lost souls


United States
34° 36' 18.1152" N, 92° 29' 24.3384" W

I am lost and alone
I turned my back on everything right
Chose the path of never ending plight
Drug abuse, Atheism, Sex before marriage
I ran head first into a Bull I could not manage

Graduated early with high hope and aspiration
But quickly the drugs took over and filled me with indignation
No job, No money, No future for a fool
Why me?! I must have cried a thousand times before
But then a blessing and a curse came charging right at me
Knocking me down from my high horse so I could see properly
From my lowest point I looked up at all I had adored
These friends weren't friends
They had made me different than before
It was time now, to permanently close that door

I am strong, I am willing,
I know I can win this intrapersonal fight
For He is now with me,

Oh, but he said smiling, I never left your sight.

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