I Am From My Nerves

I am from a monster of anxiety haunting my thoughts of wanting  to share with the world a smile

projecting the love received from others

not wanting to fail.

I am from a sight of long arms, flat feet and a head which streteches above my peers

the whispers of busybodies,

discouraging my dreams.

I am from a stage that collects the dreams of students and a teacher who uses her emotions as an outlet

comedy, tragedy, and love in a safe haven

the fear that I may become too attached.

I am from a romantical background connecting love and food with one bite

red sauce drizzled over sweet sausage

which becomes a compass to rediscover my happiness.

I am from a dream brimmed with optimism

slowly coming true like droplets of water

effervesting into the depths of a fall. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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