Two Sides of One Life

I am intricate,
I keep people on the very tip of their little toes,
I live my life as if it were a paradox,
I like to switch things up when no one is paying attention,
I would enjoy thinking the petty white pills aided in my life,
I have layers like an ogre,
I have been told I am egotistical, but what do they know,
I have been told I am sweet like a sugar cookie,
I have been told I have no chill,
I like to keep people guessing,
I even surprise myself some days,
I will awake some days giddy and full of life,
I will not sleep some nights and be cruel and harsh the next morning,
I finally sleep and when I awake I will be completely different,
I acknowledge I don’t know exactly who I will be,
I go and talk sometimes against my will,
I say I am fine when really the little monster of darkness inside me is trying to claw its way out,
I am intricate,
I keep people on their toes,
I see that things are different,
But that is what will make me achieve and conquer the world.

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