Where I am from Poem by Abigail Reyes

Where I Am From

I am from snow falling outside my house.
From the fresh breeze on a Sunday morning.
I am from looking at bird’s eggs in the backyard.
From love and happiness in family.
I am from Carne Asada and S’mores.
From loving nature and all its animals.
I am from family always comes first.
From almost there isn’t there yet, so keep going.
I am from having a doll given by my grandma, comparing it
to my small immature self.
From having scabs from falling off my bicycle.

I am from divorced parents.
I am from being born premature.
From having a difficult time breathing while having asthma.
From thinking that life would be better, it is now.
I am from having a little brother who’s great in his own ways.
I am from that family everyone thinks is horrible, but is actually fantastic.
From knowing I will always love my life no matter how bad it gets.
I am here now letting years pass by with my wonderful families

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