Hope is the thing with edits

Mon, 10/26/2015 - 23:11 -- J.W.

I am

ugly beautiful,

weak strong,

shallow profound.


doomed promising,

malformed extraordinary,

mistake triumph

of creation.

(The mirrors, they maim me  hideously but I know that is only because their shallow reflections are not capable of containing the depth of my beauty)

I cannot weather this storm

(I will be the eye of the hurricane calm and serene and beautiful and untouched by the chaos and destruction that surrounds me)

I am

pathetic incredible,

such a

fat gorgeous,

dumb insightful,

bitch wonder of this universe.

(I will triumph I will soar over the boxes that try to define me I will not let them I will not)

I am

not worthy of life,

(my heart beats to the rhythm of the words I WILL LIVE I WILL)

of the love given to me and given by me

(in soft red waves of closeness and beauty-- it is love and not  blood that runs in my veins)

I am

powerless unstoppable

(I will send the message out into the universe, broadcast not by radio waves but rather by the force of my sheer will:

this is me

this is


until I am heard

from all  the corners of the cosmos)

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So empowering! Keep up the good work. I love this.


Thank you. This poem really means a lot to me.

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