A Worshipper


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Humans were made to worship,

But what am I glorifying today?

The money, myself, perhaps the hardship,

What am I choosing to praise?


Is it something praise worthy and pure?

He tells us to think of these things,

But I'm stuck in my problems instead of the cure,

Thinking of the negative it brings,


What will happen in the future,

And what's to become of me,

There's no point in having hope,

Not as far as I can see,


So deep in the hurt,

It feels I may drown,

In what's going wrong,

From my past to now,


But I worship a God who holds all the answers,

I remember what he has to say,

A lamp unto my feat and a light unto my path,

I know his word is the way,


He calls me forgiven,

He calls me redeemed,

He sets me free,

So, I'm free indeed,


Of the stress, of the worry,

From the bad things I've done,

Oh, how he loves,

To have sacrificed a son,


He calls me beautiful and worthy of love,

A princess and heir to the thrown,

A conqueror through Him who gives me strength,

And a daughter, one of His own,


Oh God, cleanse my eyes,

Let me see what you see,

Let me walk how you walk,

And let me think how you think,


I want nothing else more,

But to be more like you,

For you are the light,

And your word is the truth,


So, whatever comes my way,

Lord, you will be my rock,

You are mine and I am yours,

For I am a Child of God!

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