José with an é


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I am José… with an é 

 My name reflects my culture, but it burdens me with insults over my citizenship status.I am bilingual, Yo soy bilingueYet they assume I only speak Spanish, Pero asumen que solo hablo InglesI am not wealthynor do I feel I ever need to beI am gayBut both my culture and parents despise those words.I am a dancerPerforming is the only time I feel free.I am a farmerI have created life and given it to the dying community surrounding me.  Although I am all of these things, there's so much more hidden.I am myself and I want to help others be here.I may have a long way but I see the trail of who I amOthers may need helpThose who have received it worse than I haveThose who had less privileges.Those who take nothing for grantedFromthe Homeless,Self-hating,Abused,Even those who look fine.They might not see the pride in their nameThe intellectual capabilities from their languageThe prosperity in their surroundingsThe love in one's true self The available passionOr the possible opportunities for something greater.  I am the Change, the Revolution, the Innovation.I am the advocate for those who starve until they receive lunch at schoolI am the voice for the youth who have to do unspeakable things in order to survive I am the representative of my culture as I wear all of myself with prideI am the explorer of different intersections between languagesI am the kid who likes to read books,who likes to play with my sister,who hates ketchup,who hates homework,who loves to laugh.I am just like Everyone else.Everyone is vital in some wayYet others condescendingly imply that they are more important than othersI know that I am important, as Important as You.  I am the combination of Words, Feelings, Struggle and Passion.I am an ever growing seed reaching its peak, sprouting and germinating time and time againBecause my story keeps evolvingfrom an Herbsmall but passionateto a Flowervibrant and wantedto a Bushfull of a plethora of rewards but full of thornsto a Vinereaching higher heightsto a Treefeeling as tall as I could ever beThen as a seed falls…A new story continuesEvery line that is read, every shift in the textthey are all new seeds  I am José with an é. 

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