So pretentious and vainglorious, not allowing anyone else through,
Merely diminishes the person and fails to give the respect that’s due
Red is a color of ineptitude and dismay, representing a word sinking below the greatest depths
You see infatuation and passion, I see wilted roses and derision 
Bright and radiant slowly transforms to somber and glum
Laying on your deathbed; blood dripping down, knowing that you soon will succumb
Carefully close your eyes and the pain will slowly give way to the night;
The absence of all color, the mixture of all might
Red begins to transform to black, and the cruelty begins to end
The two finally begin to blend, and the fortitude starts to cease
All is over, all is silent, your heart and soul are finally at ease
Red has made way for black and you finally can transcend 

A fulgurating candle burnt so low, the last breath of the flickering light
The light that so perfectly consumed this world, the one that illuminated the night
The candle that has been dropped so many times, the one that seemed eternal 
So inhumane and ruthless, the gust of wind that infringed upon your elation 
So altruistic and keen, the one who became my miraculous salvation 
The aroma fills the air and lives on long after the death of its source 
Your optimism and benevolence prevail, forever lingering on in my heart as an eternal force
You were charming and cordial, the faint light during a blood-curdling storm
So gentle and gracious until the end, helping those around you, so considerate and warm 
A part of you remains intact, it can never be taken away, for it lies in my heart
The gift you gave the world is forever here and cannot be torn apart
An extraordinary candle that finally blew out


With a bewildering thump and a grisly carom you were on your way to a sequestered vicinity 

I lean over your dying physicality, my tears start rolling down and I can taste the expanding salinity 
Eight lurid hours go by and finally we egress, the sincerity of the situation slowly comes upon me
The pain that I began to feel hurt me more than an ingot set on fire to the highest degree
They say time is the healer of all wounds, but this one will take an eternity to completely subside
My prayers remain unanswered and my wishes for your return have been placidly denied 
I try to endure and remain cheerful, and everyone around me seems to be engulfed in my naiveté 
But the amplifying hole in my heart is swallowing all the good memories and causing me to go astray 
I look at the scenery that we oftentimes used to admire, and I wonder when those memories too will begin to fade 
I feign the happiness that everyone wants me to have and put on a grin, but it is nothing more than a masquerade 
Although the pain is still quite apparent, nothing can diminish the fire except for my own will
I’ve decided to move forward and begin to heal for I am tired of swallowing this poisonous pill

This poem is about: 
My family


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