I Am [Not] Me

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 19:16 -- jaiixox

Has a childlike innocence

But the lovings of a beast

Surrounding her is ignorance

Though her brains are the least

Her head stuck inside books

No, not a choice

Noticeable are her looks

But never her voice

The screams are whispers

And the laughs--cries

You hear all the snickers?

Enough with lies!

Enough she says

No more, I'm done

Tiring this is

I'm just looking for the sun

There it is finally

Big yellow and bright

The tunes so lively

Full of sharp vibrant life

The sounds are my sun

Saving my soul

Music is the one

The one that helped me control

The battles and scars

Inside me are too much

The lyrics gave me powers

And I let go of the clutch

No more bonds of ignorance

Are preventing me

From making a difference

In the lives that I see


I am now

Finally, oh finally


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