Peaceful Thinking

I am the back seat boy. 

The lone ranger that wanders in a dark abyss.

I am the one who sees what others call evil.

I marvel at it.

We dance upon our shadows.

I am the one locked up in mind and soul.

Afraid, perhaps, of the cruel world that hisses and strokes the inner shelter of my body.

I am light in times of darkness.

A smile among a melancholy town.

A place where people live to die and waste every breathe with lies and fruitless stories.

I wish to see a place where one could gather and see what I see.

I am the boy who needs help they say.

I am "shy, alone ..." and dare i say it, "afraid".

I am existant for a little while.

I watch from the skies the people as they wander here and through.

Everyone pulls on one another like a magnet.

What is wrong with being alone?

From the streets

I am an ordinary face.


I simply exist in my own world away from people.

Here I am captain.

Ready to set sail to a place far, far away.

I am alone.

But why does one need company in search of a darker end.

Selfish isn't it?

We, though, grab hold and pull each other down to the depths of hell.

I am afraid.

For a little while.

TIme will soothe the bruises of the past.

In the end I know what I wish to see in myself and the world.

I am happy.

Happy for the things that are and will be.

To be a part of the journey like so many others.

We all will meet our ends.

But I know that whatever awaits me.

I shall have no regrets.

I am at peace.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



A poem about my relation to the world around me .

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