Hey You!!!

Sun, 11/01/2015 - 21:31 -- NylahD

Hey you, man you call yourself to be, hey you! I didn't ask you to be my father but what kills me most is that I love you until …..death do us part!

But my BIG questions is, do you love me as you sometimes tell me you do? In and out of my life, causing me so much strife, I cried for you, I prayed for you, even at 17 I still cry and pray for you. I missed many father daughter dances because of you, I missed shooting hoops on the court because of you and even at 17 I wish we could have do more but it seems like you chose that whore....

Hey you, man you call yourself to be, hey you! Man up, is what I want to say to you, stop making promises that you know good and well you can't keep. I hear about every girl needs her father but I wonder if every father needs their daughter. I'm gonna prove to you that I'm the best, in my mom's eyes I have already passed that test.  I remember one day you made me feel like I was so pretty, it wasn’t by what you said or what you did, it was that you showed up and I was ready. I have your smile and your crazy laugh, I have your feet and your skin, but you wouldn't know that because you are NOT the man that you claim to be, my father. 

Hey you, please stop kidding yourself thinking when I am old enough things will get better, I pray every day that you read this letter. About the scars on my heart that almost tore me apart.  Hey you, man you call yourself to be, hey you....can you hear me?   

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My family


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