Open the dictionary to a place about halfway through the U’s

Scroll down the page and between undamaged and underestimated lies only one word


I am undefined

It’s not a hard word to understand, so why am I so misunderstood?

Why do I lie awake at night dreaming the most unimaginable things

and why is no one able to comprehend the nonsense I blurt out

or the words that form when I’m so angry I’m nearly foaming at the mouth?

I have no sense of one particular style

my mother says to “be who you want to be”

but I grew up with society

Society was not the nicest friend to me,

She told me that who I wanted to be simply wasn’t enough

I grew up thinking that who I am was not enough

As I got older, society and me grew much closer.

I thought I should try these new things but they weren’t the best for me

I allowed society to teach me who I was supposed to become

Quickly after I allowed this, I was taken apart and put back into who society wanted me to be

The chains that Society placed around my ankles took toll on me

It was a burden weighing me down and pushing me into a hole I knew I couldn’t get out of,

not alone, anyways.

Society was a monster to me.


But I crawled out of that hole

I got back on my feet

I was capable of breaking those chains and now I walk free

I am undefined because no one word will ever be able to limit me

Nothing will ever make me conform to the ways of society.

You want a word that describes me?

Undefined is the epitome of perfection

It allows me to become the greatest of greats and still have the lowest of lows

I could be the biggest oxymoron or have the worst OCD of any person you’ve ever known

You want a word that describes me?

One word?

I will not be limited to a word, a sentence, a style, or even a grade or even a GPA

I am undefined.

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