Back to Being Kings

The jungle gym was our castle

And with that we were the kings, we owned all we could see:

The trees,

Brick house,

The gardens.

With our friends we'd ride our horses,

Discover kingdoms anew,

Solve mysteries;

Fight those monsters and beasts.

Because we

Were unstoppable as our gates kept darkness out.

And our lives were infinite.

Our fairytale.


One mile away was Grandma's house,

Where at night we'd lay behind the couch.

And as grownups talked,

We'd talk as well.

Dreaming of our kingdoms

Which we'd never leave.


Not with all that could happen.

I mean there were fairies who flew and mermaids who danced as they swam,

And we couldn't forget those monsters we'd slay.

Mornings arrived and we'd climb trees,

Play on swings,

And create our mansions out of play-dough.


I'm eighteen now, and our jungle gyms been burned. Thoughts of college, grades, work.

We're too busy to dream.

But every now and then my sister and myself, we build a castle.

And there, we are the kings.

We own all we can see and start to remember back.

In those rare few moments

We climb trees and fly away with our wings sprinkled in pixie dust.

We swim with fins in oceans.

We are back to being six. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world



Format got extreemly altered. Each Capital letter indicates the next line. 

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