Inner Divide

There's darkness

-then  a flash

As two parts of me suddenly clash


An angels heart

- polluted by a devils mind

Cause my heaven, and hell to grind


Feel my agony

- take from me this pain

Jesus, in your blood, may my robes have stain


Loyalty to bear

- but dissention to fight

Oh lord, help me do what's right


Friendship is the world

- but in enmity does it orbit

Heralding in chaos, as I do flit


A bitt, and yolk I've been given

-with masters hard to hear

... the whip do I fear


Yet for the pigeon, and dove

-I live my life, FOR all I love.


This poem is about: 
Our world
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I'm in the 10th grade, and often find myself pondering on life. As a result of my pondering I often write poems. This particular poem describes both myself and the world. I wrote it with no rough draft and no help. I am in high hopes of having it published and possibly recieving a scholorship for my work. Thank you very much for reading, and please ponder it and how it relates to you.

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