Break Free


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A friend to many; hated by plenty;

honest and kind; a liar and blind.


People try to tell me who I am,

What I was,

Who I will be,


"You're too smart to be acting this way,"

"You're the stupiest person I know, just give up,"

"Sit up straight, show them who you are,"

"Sit down, stop trying to act like you're better than what you really are"


"Better ace that test. Get those grades."

"Better buy those clothes. Get that job."

"Better knock off that attitude. Get with the program."


No one is allowed to have an opinion,

allowed to have a different thought,

have a voice.


All flaws are to be destroyed,

mistakes are forbidden.



That's what we are.

Us teenagers,

Taking it a day at a time.

Trained monkeys.


Everyone is telling you who to be.


"Better get into that college or you'll be a huge disappointment."





More pressure.




Break Free.

Just Break Free from all the madness.

Break Free from the pressure and stress.

You don't deserve that.


You know who you are.

You know your worth.


Don't let people try to convince you that you're any different.

Don't let them put that stress on you.


Break Free.


Because you're going to make it out just fine, kid.

I promise.








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