Waiting on the Snow

Waiting on the snow to fall. Waiting on your pause.

Still waiting on the snow to fall. Still waiting on response.

White crystalized wonders gravitate. Gravitate to the ground.

I stand here; I patiently wait; I stand with my heart in my hand.

For you, only you, because I thought this love was true.

I stand in the snow; and I won’t go, even though outside it’s cold.

You once touched my soul, now you’ve let me go.

But I’ll stand in the snow; because I feel something real, and I know.

I know you felt it too, it was real, it was warm, but now I’m all alone.

I stand in the snow; alone and distraught, cold and unwanted.

Lost and mistreated, I know you’ve felt it too, I know you know what it’s like.

What it’s like to stand in the snow alone, watching the snowflakes fall.

Waiting on the snow to fall, with my heart left in pieces, this doesn’t feel like love at all.


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