Going with the Flow

Going with the flow is not for me,

But choosing my own way, is my destiny.


They say "try it, it’s fun,"

No. I’m not the one;

Not the one to go in the wrong direction,

Or do all these things that might change my impression;

Not the only to start taking some drugs,

Or selling them to gangsters and low down thugs;

Not the one to change my body as you please,

‘Cause if you want me for me

You better beg on your knees.

Change for the good and I’ll do the same

So all this “baby” and “Chick”


That’s not my name.

See I refuse to go with the flow,

Because for me the flow is way too slow.

Yes I know I’m taking the long way,

But the choices I make will make me stronger everyday.

If I create my own paths and pave my own roads,

No I won’t know what the future beholds;

But I can infer what will happen next,

Because me life is a test,

Based on facts and opinion on how I’ve been growing,

Deciding as to where i’m going;

Heaven not hell but you can probably tell by the actions I do and the words that I speak.


When I refuse to go with the flow,

I choose to make my own road.

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