What’s REALLY hidden in-between?

All the things they'll never know

stuck in-between, what's clearly seen

Loneliness is assumed

Endured, and

thats's how it's always been

but with this, the hurt won't show

Becuse then, I can pretend


The Prince is mine and

only the water from Mars

melts the evil witch

that, victory jumps from the moon

fly higher than even,the known air



My strength, is something not even i undersand

when i sing the sword

it makes me queen

I defeat the giant

slay "who shall not be named" and

none of them can equal me

and what they dont know



I am victorious in everything and

all that i could ever want to be

It's here, IN me

just like it's supposed to be

all i ever needed was this

Portal and Belief

A Knowldge, I won't ever resist


Because, although I am me

I am also what lies between

I am the astronaunt bounding, leaps and jumps between

the giant is taken down my none other than me

every time i look

i appear in a book

waiting to be seen



all the words wrote

all the pictures seen

all create, define, and become me

ALL of it is ME


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