Some try to define me

as a person who's weird.

Others say

I'm simply avoident.

To my parents,

I'm just another mouth to feed.

To my siblings,

I am a money source.

To my teachers,

I am a queit, shy pupil.

To my neighbors,

I am the always cheerful girl.

To my classmates,

I am the smart girl that knows everything.

But what am I to myself?

To me,

I am the neurons that

makes up the brain of this world.

I am the colors 

of the universe in deep deep space.

I am the answer

to every question there may be.

I am the unknown,

unexplaind, unsettled, indeterminate truth;

I am the past, present and future;

I am the peasent,  mayor and king;

I am the doctor, scientist and teacher;

I am the worlds combined;

I am the up, the down;

The mask of truth;

I am the publisher, the writer and reader;

I am,

truthfully, infinity.

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