Survivor, artist, and many more


Trinidad and Tobago

I am a survivor,

I have been bullied,

Calling myself a victim wouldn’t fit,

Because the person who hurt me got hurt more in the end.


I am an artist,

I express my interests and emotions through art,

Only people who truly understand me know my art,

And those people stay close to my heart.


I am a Jew,

I look back at my history and appreciate my future,

My great grandparents were in Poland,

And I appreciate I live in the land of freedom.


I am an intellectual,

I thrive in environments full of people who like to learn,

This is why I am excited for college:

People who are in college are there because they want to learn!


I am a video gamer,

I appreciate all types of video games,

Video games help me meet new people from around the world,

And video games help me relax after a long day of school.


I am unique,

I may get stares for my weird behavior or style,

But in the end, I would rather stand out,

Because who wants to be normal and be in the crowd?


I am a sister,

I have three little brothers who look up to me,

Because of this, I have to set a good example,

And I do everything in my power to protect my brothers.


I am a daughter,

I have been encouraged to do better than my parents,

After college, I want to support my parents the same way they supported me,

I want to pay them back for all they have done for me.


I am a friend,

I may not be the most popular person,

But the friends I do have are part of an army,

An army that will stop at nothing to protect each other.


This poem is about: 
My family


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